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Jay Electronica - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Part one of Act I. The first time I heard this I was speechless. Masterpiece. 2 minutes of pure bliss.

"She said she never fell in love with a Superman / Christian, Muslim, Protestant, Lutheran / I told her that being a mortal is a portal / To the true nature of growth; the Christlike Buddha man …”

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Boo of Your Dreams - Tom Haverford.

you’re welcome.


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Teenager from India invents device that can convert breath to speech
A high school student from India has invented a device that can convert a person’s breath into speech, to give millions of people around the world suffering from speech impediment a ‘voice’ for the first time.
Sixteen-year-old Arsh Shah Dilbagi has developed a new technology called ‘TALK’, which is a cheap and portable device to help people who are physically incapable of speaking express themselves. Right now, 1.4 percent of the world’s population has very limited or no speech, due to conditions such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), locked-in syndrome (LIS), Encephalopathy (SEM), Parkinson’s disease, and paralysis.

His name is Arsh Shah Dilbagi and he’s 16 years old. Gettin tired of sensationalized “mystery baby from a country where people are brown does a science thing!” articles. Use peoples names, don’t act so surprised when people of color are geniuses.


my anaconda don’t want none



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Miley Cyrus got fined for 200k for illegal use of the Mexican flag stay in your fucking lane bitch

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All these followers but no one wants to submit :(

Submit your pics!!! They accept white passing poc too :)


friendly reminder that spirit animals are a sacred concept in a variety of religions worldwide (many of them being aboriginal religions that are at risk of destruction by european colonialism) and are not a way to joke about your admiration for something

Say patronus instead!

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